The Lemonade diet is one of greatest health & fitness program developed by our ancestors. If you think that you are dieing out of sickness, give lemonade diet a try. The result is going to be surprisingly great.

Lemon is a loosening and cleansing agent with many important building factors. The ability of the elements in the lemon and the maple syrup working together creates these desired results.

What are the main purpose of lemonade diet?

  1. Dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed in any part of the body.
  2. Cleanse the kidneys and the digestive system.
  3. Purify the glands and cells throughout the entire body.
  4. Eeliminate all unusable waste and hardened material in the joints and muscles.
  5. Relieve pressure and irritation in the nerves, arteries, and blood vessels
  6. Build a healthy blood stream.
  7. Keep youth and elasticity regardless of our years.

Why lemon is magical wonder fruit?

  • Its 4911/o potassium strengthens and energizes the heart, stimulates and builds the kidneys and adrenal glands.
  • Its oxygen builds vitality.
  • It has carbon which acts as a motor stimulant.
  • Its hydrogen activates the sensory nervous system. Its calcium strengthens and builds the lungs.
  • It has phosphorus which knits the bones, stimulates and builds the brain for clearer thinking.
  • It has magnesium acts as a blood alkalizer.
  • Its iron builds the red corpuscles to rapidly correct the most common forms of anemia.
  • Its chlorine cleanses the blood plasmas
  • It has sodium which encourages tissue building.
  • Its silicon aids the thyroid for deeper breathing.
  • The natural iron, copper, calcium, carbon, and hydrogen found in the sweetening supplies more building and cleansing material.
  • It truly is a perfect combination for cleansing, eliminating, healing, and building. Hence, supplements are not needed during the diet and may actually interfere with its cleansing action.

Why & When to Use It?

  •  When sickness has developed – for all acute and chronic conditions like MS
  •  When the digestive system needs a rest and a cleansing.
  •  If you are obese and it  has become a problem.
  •  When better assimilation and building of body tissue is needed.

How Long and Often?

Follow the diet for a minimum of 10 days or more.  Up to 40 days and beyond may be safely followed for extremely serious cases. The diet has all the nutrition needed during this time. Three to four times a year will do wonders for keeping the body in a normal healthy condition. The diet may be undertaken more frequently for serious conditions.

How to Make Lemonade?

  • 2 Tbsp lemon or lime juice (approx. 1/2 lemon)
  • 2 Tbsp genuine maple syrup (not maple flavored sugar syrup)
  • 1/10 Tsp cayenne pepper (red pepper) or to taste
  • Water, medium hot (spring or purified water)

Combine the juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper in a 10 oz. glass and fill with medium hot water. (Cold water may be used if preferred.) Use fresh lemons or limes only, never canned lemon or lime juice nor frozen lemonade or frozen juice. Use organic lemons when possible.

An ideal formula involves freshly extracted juice from the sugar cane

  1. 10 oz. fresh sugar cane juice (medium hot or cold) 2 tbsp. fresh lime or lemon juice
  2. 1/10 tsp cayenne (red pepper) or to taste

Another possible but lesser replacement could be pure sorghum. (Do not use for Diabetes). It does not produce equal or close to the benefits of maple syrup.

Blend a part of the lemon skin and pulp with the lemonade in a blender for further cleansing and laxative effect.

lemonade diet

Note: Commercially procured lemons may have had their skins dyed with yellow coloring and may have been subjected to poisonous insect sprays – be sure to peel off the outer skin if you cannot get uncolored, organically grown lemons.

The properties in the lemon skin also act as a hemostatic to prevent excess bleeding and to prevent clotting internally should there be any such prevailing condition. (Don’t worry – normal conditions will continue during the menstrual periods.)

Adding the cayenne pepper is necessary as it breaks up mucus and increases warmth by building the blood for an additional lift. It also adds many of the B and C vitamins.

Mint tea may be used occasionally during this diet as a pleasant change and to assist further in the cleansing.

Its chlorophyll helps as a purifier, neutralizing many mouth and body odors that are released during the leansing period.

Special Instructions for the Diabetic:

DIABETES is the result of a deficiency diet consisting in part of white sugar and white flour. The lemonade with molasses is an ideal way to correct this deficiency.


The molasses supplies the necessary elements for the pancreas to produce insulin. As the necessary elements are supplied to the pancreas, the amount of insulin taken may also be gradually reduced — as an example.

ON THE FIRST DAY use a scant tablespoon of molasses to each glass of lemonade and reduce insulin by about 10 units. Daily from then on reduce the insulin as you increase the molasses to 2 full tablespoons per glass.

When this proportion has been reached, the insulin can normally be eliminated; then replace the molasses with

2 tablespoons of maple syrup in each glass. Make regular checks of the sugar level in the urine and blood to satisfy yourself and eliminate any possible fear. Vita Flex and color therapy may be used to advantage to stimulate the liver, pancreas, and spleen and thus insure proper use of the minerals supplied. Many people have found they no longer have need for insulin. They must be sure to follow every detail of the recommended diet as explained in the following pages.

How Much Does One Drink?

Take from six to twelve glasses of the lemonade daily during the waking period. As you get hungry just have another glass of lemonade. NO OTHER FOOD SHOULD BE TAKEN DURING THE FULL PERIOD OF

THE DIET. As this is a complete balance of minerals and vitamins, one does not suffer the pangs of hunger. Do not use vitamin pills.

All solid food is turned into a liquid state before it can be carried by the blood to the cells of the body.

The lemonade is already a food in liquid form.

  • For those who are overweight, less maple syrup may be taken.
  • If you are underweight, more maple syrup may be taken.

For those who are underweight and worried about losing more weight, REMEMBER, the only things you can possibly lose are mucus, waste, and disease. Healthy tissue will not be eliminated. Many people who need to gain weight actually do so near the end of the diet period.

Never vary the amount of lemon juice per glass. About six glasses of lemonade a day is enough for those wishing to reduce. Extra water may be taken as desired.

Helping the Cleansing Along

As this is a cleansing diet, the more you can assist Nature to eliminate poisons, the better. If your system feels upset, it is because you are not having sufficient elimination. Avoid this possibility by following the directions completely. Above all, be sure you have two, three, or more movements a day. This may seem unnecessary not eating solid food, but it is Nature’s way of eliminating the waste it has loosened from the various cells and organs in the body.

They must leave the body some way. It would be just the same as sweeping the floor around and around and never removing the dirt from the house if the wastes were not passed out. The better the elimination, the more rapid will be the results.

A LAXATIVE HERB TEA is found to be the best helper for most persons. It is a good practice to take a good laxative herb tea right from the beginning – the last thing at night and first thing in the morning. There are several good laxative teas. They are best taken in a liquid form. Buy them in your health food store.

Another Cleansing Aid: Internal Salt Water Bathing

As it is necessary to bathe the outside of our bodies, so it is with the inside. Do not take enemas or colonics at any time during the cleansing diet or afterwards. They are unnecessary and can be extremely harmful.

There is a much superior method of cleansing the colonic tract with- out the harmful effects of customary colonics and enemas. This method will cleanse the entire digestive tract while the colonics and enemas will only reach the colon or a small part of it. Colonics can be expensive while our salt-water method is not.

DIRECTIONS: Prepare a full quart of lukewarm water and add two level (rounded for the Canadian quart) teaspoons of uniodized sea salt. Do not use ordinary iodized salt as it will not work property.

Drink the entire quart of salt and water first thing in the morning. This must be taken on an empty stomach.

The salt and water will not separate but will stay intact and quickly and thoroughly wash the entire tract in about one hour. Several eliminations will likely occur. The salt water has the same specific gravity as the blood, hence the kidneys cannot pick up the water and the blood cannot pick up the salt. This may be taken as often as needed for proper washing of the entire digestive system.

If the salt water does not work the first time, try adding a little more or a little less salt until the proper balance is found; or possibly take extra water with or without salt. This often increases the activity.

Remember, it can do no harm at any time. The colon needs a good washing, but do it the natural way – the salt water way. It is quite advisable to take the herb laxative tea at night to loosen, then the salt water each morning to wash it out. If for some reason the salt water cannot be taken in the morning, then the herb laxative tea must be taken night and morning.


Several 8 oz. glasses of fresh orange juice as desired during the day. The orange juice prepares the digestive system to properly digest and assimilate regular food. Drink it slowly. If there has been any digestive difficulty prior to or during the change over, extra water may be taken with the orange juice.


Orange juice in the morning. Raw fruit for lunch. Fruit or raw vegetable salad at night. You are now ready to eat normally.

For those who have characteristically lived the unnatural way of meat, milk, refined and devitalized food, it may be best to change over as follows, gradually adopting the raw fruit, nut, and vegetable diet:

How to Break the Lemonade Diet?

Coming off the lemonade diet properly is highly important – please follow the directions very carefully.

After living in a semi-tropical and tropical climate for many years, I find that people have increasingly turned to a raw fruit, nut, and vegetable diet. Following is the schedule for people who normally follow such a natural vegetarian diet:


This article is taken from Stanley Burroughs’ book “The Master Cleanser“. Please support the author by purchasing the book from amazon. It is one of the must read book for better health