Why PhenQ is a good choice for dieters?

Why am I overweight?

Two years back, I questioned myself, “Why am I overweight”?

Answer was within, very simple, I was ignorant, I overate and ignored the little gains over a period of time. Even my physical activity level had come down over time.

I was very healthy and fit during my teenage. After I started my career as a freelance writer, slowly I started gaining weight.

But I never bothered to control food intake as it didn’t really make me any different. It happened so slowly that I almost ignored the weight gain.

I was very busy and happy with my work, my love life, my kids, family and so on.  Probably, I was gaining about 4-5 pounds every year which I didn’t take seriously. Took that very naturally.

Slowly I noticed double chin under my chubby face and my tummy growing out. Thought it’s time to focus on my own body shape again. I had gained over 30 pounds in past 6 years.

Losing weight naturally is never easy! But I took it easy.

I started developing varicose veins under my knees. Slowly started experiencing over fatigue and leg and back pain. My friends started looking at my body rather than into my eyes. Was feeling very odd.

Then I decided to lose some pounds quickly by dieting and walking half an hour every day.

I was very confident in the beginning. I felt, I can do it. Decided to eat less with every meal. But controlling food intake by will was not easy at all! I could not control meal quantity as I didn’t have that self-control.

I know most of us don’t have that self-control sitting beside our dining table.

Well panned weekly diet plan didn’t help me

Decided to have a clear-cut planned diet till I lose 10 pounds. Thought this only can control my hunger and appetite.

Spent few hours online searching for famous free weight loss diet plans online. Started with GM diet for a week, felt very exhausted and tired though I managed to lose 4 pounds quickly.

But all in vain. Gained those 4 pounds in the immediate 2 weeks when I was just recovering from the hangover of the strict diet plan.

Felt little depressed as I felt I have really lost control on my food and my body. This was very frustrating.

Then I tried for few weeks a sweat band over my tummy seeing a late night ad. Didn’t help much. Also bought online some Hoodia pills for suppressing hunger. Just wasted money.

Exercising 30 minutes a day is a real fun.

I started to do simple exercises everyday for 30 minutes minimum starting from the day I decided to lose weight. I do walking, yoga, jogging, playing with kids and cycling etc in my free time.

These activities are actually fun, not at all tedious. I am enjoying them and so doing it regularly at least for 5 days a week.

But frankly speaking, these exercises did not help me in losing weight. Rather they made me feel very positive, happy and energetic. I feel my body is very flexible due to the exercises I do.

Appetite is the culprit!

Finally I realized that Control on appetite is all what you need for a peaceful weight loss journey!

I realized, I wouldn’t have gained weight over years if I had control over my food cravings. Losing that weight is not easy unless I control my food intake. Very difficult task over time, though sounds simple.

We are what we eat! I knew, only eating less but healthy can make me slim again. Tried many techniques but none were sustainable.

For losing some real weight we should focus on food control! Very difficult task!

Finally tried PhenQ

Dieting is the only way out! – PhenQ can help you!

phenqI thought, first, by hook or crook, I need to lose those 30 pounds fast. Then I can manage to maintain my body.

I took it very seriously this time. Decided to go for a slimming pill.

After some research bought PhenQ thinking it can bring me out of this whole web of problems caused by my body weight.

PhenQ Worked for me!

PhenQ has indeed helped me to shed those layers fat around my stomach.

Following was my diet when on PhenQ

  • 7 AM – one cup of milk with two almond biscuits
  • 30PM – PhenQ pill
  • 30 AM – one toasted flour bread slice with jam or two eggs or a bowl of veg salad in the first week. Then I started skipping my breakfast without any hassles. Just used to have a cup of hot milk early in the morning.
  • Lunch 1 to 2 PM: Here’s where I found the real difference from the day 1. My hunger was coming down day by day. I was taking my normal meals with a scoop of different types cooked lentils (for protein) every day. But my quantity had come down drastically.
  • One PhenQ pill with the lunch
  • Evening Snacks 5PM: A cup of green tea with one peanut nugget
  • Dinner 8 PM Home-made soup: Was making soup with whole lot of veggies and cooked grains of my choice. Sometimes I was mixing raw veggies with cooked grains and eating a small bowl full of that.

My exercise routine during PhenQ Diet : Full of fun!

This was the best part of my slimming journey. I enjoyed it to maximum. I tried a whole lot of new things during these days.

I used to feel very energetic those days even with less eating.

  • Every Monday early morning: Yoga of 13 rounds of Sun Salutation.
  • Two days a week morning jogging and walking for 30 to 45 minutes
  • Remaining days: Playing with kids (football, basketball, cricket, running race, badminton..the list goes on), cycling, yoga (13 rounds of sun salutation), dancing, skipping, hopping etc.

Problems I faced…

Mostly I had problems in the late afternoons. I used to feel heavy headed, dizziness while getting up from my chair for few days. Few nights I could not sleep properly. But within a week it was all normal. By then I got used to the pills I think.

I was little worried about exercising in the evening due to these. For first 2 weeks I just walked for 30 minutes in the evening.

Then I thought I should focus on early morning exercises. But was able to do that only 2-3 days a week.

But slowly I started feeling more and more energetic in the evenings. Used to have lot of exercises, lot more than what I was planning for the day!

In the middle of 2nd month I had some indigestion problem and was sick for 2 days. Don’t know the reason for this. Later recovered without taking any medicine.

I had made few changes to my diet from beginning.

  • I used to take a big cup of coffee in the evening earlier. But after I started taking PhenQ pills, I used to feel heavy headed in the late afternoons. I started taking a cup of green tea with fried peanuts or a peanut nugget.
  • I started taking cooked mixed whole lentils (adding salt, fresh coriander leaves, green chili sauce and olive oil) and used to have them as starter with my green salad for my lunch. Used a lot of butter with my breakfast and lunch. This I did just to have a balanced diet and to offset the side effects of quick weight loss.

My Success Story with PhenQ

I was weighing 162 pounds when I started taking Phen Q.

I ordered 3 months package of PhenQ on one fine day of August, 2019. Perhaps one of the best decisions I have taken so far in my life.

First month I lost 9 pounds, second month another 8 pounds and last month around 10 pounds.

The 3rd month was really fun. Already I had started feeling light. Thanks to yoga and my kids, my body was much flexible than before. 3rd month, between Nov-Dec 2019 was the most memorable one.

I used to play with my kids most of the evenings for one full hour without getting tired. Had lot of fun. Went for few trekking, climbed a hill nearby with family.

Finally I had achieved something that I was always worried of.

In just 3 months I lost more than 25 pounds! I was weighing just 135 pounds!.

I was very happy then. I just started waiting for the new year parties to flaunt myself with lot more confidence.

All my friends were surprised to see me in the changed new look. Thanks to PhenQ, my diet, exercises and my luck. Finally, I got back to shape.

I am losing weight even now!

Even after stopping PhenQ, I did not stop my exercise routine. I am eating healthier these days. Amount of my food intake has come down drastically I feel. I am able to watch what I eat now to a large extent.

Even after bashing Christmas and New year parties, I have not gained back a single pound!

In fact I have lost 2 more pounds in the last one month!

Precautions while taking PhenQ:

PhenQ worked for me. This doesn’t mean it’ll work for all.

  • I tried it with full determination. I was not taken aback from its early side effects.
  • I feel it’s an effective hunger controller and energy booster. But make sure to take complete meals. My meals were dominated by proteins, fat and small quantity of carbs.
  • I had made extensive research on dieting for weight loss before. That I tried with PhenQ.

PhenQ – Worth Trying

It is definitely one of the best diet pills out there I feel. Worth Trying!

As I told earlier, I am a freelance writer.  I have also written a detailed PhenQ review for one of my client on her request.

Buy it directly

With popularity of any product, frauds increase. Beware of fake PhenQ.

So if you are buying PhenQ, buy it directly from PhenQ.com, the official website. Better to go for Buy 2 get one free option to get them at reasonable prices.